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Straton of Stageira
«The Talos Principle»

To put it simply: regardless of what you believe in, you cannot ignore the hard facts.

This is the principle we live by at Talos IT.

Regardless of what we THINK would work, we keep testing new ideas in all the stages of the funnell, and believe only hard facts: THE NUMBERS.

Our mission is to deliver the most relevant offers to any visitor at any given stage of the funnel.

We use our in-house «Talos» bot that helps automate this visitor-to-offer matching process. It learns visitors behaviour and their preferences, and offers the most relevant products and services to the customer depending on their buying intent. This decreases bounce rates and complaints, and immensely increases traffic quality and customer satisfaction.



We are always looking for the new traffic sources and amazing offers to promote.

Please hit us up if you have any :)